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I hope I will get some inspiration and motivation to make graphics again in the future. But as for now; I am hopeless


August is like the sunday of summer vacation


"… fighting with you helped me open my eyes. When I see you… it’s like seeing how I was in the past. I regret becoming like this. But… that also makes me happy…”
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how to win a fight in anime


1. fight rly hard

2. get the shit beat out of u and fall on the ground

3. get up slowly with blood dripping from ur mouth

4. crack a smile and say something about friends and not giving up

5. win. thats it u will automatically win after following steps 1-4



"fake gamer girl"

because i would totally spend 60 bucks on something i don’t want just so i can impress a boy and his penis 



kakashi looks down at sauske “all of my friends are dead” someone coughs behind him ”kakashi what the fuck” gai says

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even when you don’t believe in yourself, naruto still believes in you